Maria Joana Duarte was born in Porto, in the North of Portugal, where she works as a potter. After completing her studies in Fashion Design, Maria Joana’s career took an unexpected turn upon her first experiences with clay. A few curiosity-led pottery courses marked the beginning of a journey of experimentation and research with the time-honored knowledge of traditional craftsmen in workshops in the Center and North of Portugal. These experiences were instrumental in refining her own visual language, which combines the usage of traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic.

Lagrima Studio, founded in 2015, creates utilitarian and decorative earthenware pieces, for which Maria Joana is creatively responsible from start to finish, paying careful attention to every step of production, and seeking excellence in craftsmanship, within the boundaries of the artisanal process. Irregularities and small imperfections, characteristic of handmade ceramics, are carefully inspected, but ultimately viewed as defining details of the beauty and character of the piece, never compromising its functionality.

Lagrima Studio is located in downtown Porto. We can accommodate for studio visits, and would love to hear from you!